Isn’t the Loch Ness monster supposed to be a long worm?
According to the cartoon, Ferocious-Ness is THE Loch Ness monster, however he doesn’t have the “traditional” long and thin Loch-Ness monster appearance. Of course the only sightings of Nessie have been long slender things poking out of the water, so it’s more likely to have been Her High-Ness that has been snapped on film. Incidentally, this point is mentioned in the cartoon. During the episode “Ferocious-Ness and the Look-a-like contest, Ferocious-Ness takes the place of the children’s model when he accidentally sits on it. He only manages 3rd place as the mayor states the Loch Ness Monster should like more like a long worm.
For evidence of Nessie, click here to see some of the footage that has caused much debate over the years.

What is Peter Maddocks doing these days?
Probably having a well earned rest. I don’t know, he seems a difficult character to get hold off. Frazer at Toonhound was trying to arrange an interview a while back, but that fell through. There was a mention he now lives in Spain. Various “How to draw Cartoon” book keep popping up, so that probably the best answer I can give you.

Will Family Ness be on TV again?
Don’t know. This type of programme occasionally surfaces on the CBBC channel, but it was on a year or so back, and may not be seen again for a while. Jimbo hasn’t been shown to my knowledge, but Penny Crayon seems to have been the most repeated out of the “Maddock’s trilogy”, and strangely is the only one I dislike! Maybe I was too old by the time it came along to enjoy it…

What else has Peter Maddocks done?
“Penny Crayon” and “Jimbo and the Jetset” are the other best known animated cartoons, although various still cartoons have also been published, such as the newspaper strip “No. 10”. He has also published a number of books on animation.

What can you tell me about Peter Hawkins?
Peter Hawkins, the voice behind many of the characters in the Family Ness, along with that of the original Bill & Ben, Zippy in Rainbow, Captain Pugwash and Dr Who’s Daleks, died on 8th July, 2006, aged 82. Click here for a copy of the obituary from the Daily Telegraph.

How many episodes were there?
I have 23 listed on the site, something with Frazer at Toonhound confirms with his listing, based on what was most recently broadcast on the CBBC channel. However, the original press release from the Single launch suggests 25 were made. Hmm, two missing episodes anyone?!

What memorabilia is available for the Family-Ness?
Obviously there’s the two videos now on release from Universal, but there was also a lot of material published when the series was made. So far, the list is as follows:

Single record – You’ll Never find a Nessy in the Zoo

4 Mini books following the cartoon plots: (Priced at 60p each!)
Elspeth and Angus Meet the Nessies
The Nessies Help with the Homework,
Elspeth and Angus Buy a Puppy
Elspeth and Angus Meet the Professor

The Family Ness Annual

Family Ness BBC Video (1985) – 14 episodes from the series.
Family Ness Carlton Video (1994) – 9 episodes from the series.

Selection of Family ness characters, retailing around 99p each (Click on each for a larger view):

Plus, other items mentioned in the annual suggest games, artwork, clothing, puzzles, toys and nine books.

Who are you and how do you know so much about the Family-Ness?
I bought my first Family-Ness video (The Carlton one) in the mid nineties from a cheap video stand in a DIY store (Yes, cartoons are really useful when you’re putting up shelves…) long before the sudden surge in nostalgia. As it took off on the internet, I thought it would be nice to host my own, and being too lazy / too busy to do something of the likes of Sausagenet, Watched it or TV Cream thought I’d concentrate on one children’s programme. There was a complete gap in the market for the Family-Ness, and so the rest is history! A year or two later we were suddenly bombarded with “Top 100″, I Love…”, etc and Children’s TV nostalgia really took off.